Thai Translation Terminology

Maneerat Sawasdiwat Na Ayutthaya
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi


The aim of this study is to propose a practical guideline for the development of translation quality and standards by applying translation strategies from the book Thai Translation Terminology. Studies reveal that traditional Thai translation has to adapt itself to global trends. Individual literary translations have evolved into an entire translation industry as products and services vie for position in the creative socio-economic environment. The quest for appropriate practical guidelines especially with regard to translation strategies or techniques has been addressed in many research themes. Moreover the demand to determine appropriate translation methods for the teaching and training of translation to serve both Thailandûs translation industry and the ASEAN community together with the need to create a framework for developing qualified translators and their translations are important on the agenda of the National Language Policy of Thailand. To fill this translation gap, the book Thai Translation Terminology, the first of this type in Thailand was translated and compiled by the researcher, based on the internationally used Translation Terminology edited by Jean Delisle, Hannelore Lee-Jahnk, Monique Cormier under the auspices of the International Federation of Translators and the International Permanent Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters. The book comprises more than 200 terminologies covering core translation strategies and translation critical issues. Each entry includes Thai definitions with explanations and translation samples selected from more than 160 qualified resources ranging from prose, verse, literature, textbooks, documentaries, advertisements, and movies, etc. In order to confirm its practicality, the book, which is updated annually, has been used for more than three years at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi as a reference for translation strategies in translation classes. Studentsû feedback on the book confirm that it is both applicable and useful to their translation practice. In addition, the book has been regularly presented for review, update and improvement at various public discussions attended by gatherings of translation scholars and professional translation experts, in both national and international conferences to sustain its continuous applicability.

Keywords: terminology, translation, Thai translation terminology, translation strategies, translation quality and standard