Development of the National Language Policy (2006-2010) Committee to Draft the National Language Policy The Royal Institute of Thailand

Udom Warotamasikkhadit1
Kirk Person2
Fellow of the Royal Institute, Academy of Arts1
SIL International and Mahidol University2


In 2006, the Royal Institute formed the Committee to Draft the National Language Policy (CDNLP). The purpose of the committee was to research the language situation in Thailand and submit a policy that would benefit the Kingdom and all its people. To gather information on the both the current language situation in Thailand and Thailandûs future language-related needs, the CDNLP conducted research and organized academic conferences and public forums. These events were held in Bangkok as well as in the northern and southern regions of the
country. Stakeholders from many parts of Thai society were involved, including university professors, government officials from several ministries, ethnic minority people, professional translators, representatives from the blind and deaf communities, educators (from both Thai and international schools and universities), business people, etc. Input was also sought from international community, including United Nations officials, internationally-renowned language policy experts, and diplomatic personnel. This paper summarizes the findings of the CDNLP and demonstrates how the strategic implementation of the National Language Policy recommendations approved by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on 7 February 2010 will benefit the nation.

Key word: national language policy