Content Vol I 2009

The Journal of

the Royal Institute of Thailand 

Vol. I, 5 December, 2009 

The Relevance of Arts and Sciences in the Modern World.

“We shall reign with righteousness for the benefits and happiness of the Siamese people.”

Long Live His Majesty the King

Foreword from the President of the Royal Institute of Thailand

The Royal Institute was established in 1933. The function of the Royal Institute is chiefly to undertake and encourage research in every branch of knowledge which will be beneficial to the nation and to the people of Thailand. The Institute’s activities are to maintain relations and to exchange knowledge and information in all fields with other learned institutes in Thailand and abroad; to compile dictionaries, encyclopaedias and terminologies. In addition, the Institute also oversees the birth of new terminology in the spectrum of the academic world and ensures that the new vocabulary is appropriate to the preservation and promotion of the Thai language, and to coin new words, to establish the criteria of Thai usage. 

There are at present three academies in the Royal Institute: the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, the Academy of Science and the Academy of Arts. Each academy has fellows and honorary fellows who are appointed by the Royal Proclamation on the basis of their academic excellence. Each academy also has associate fellows. 

The Royal Institute has been publishing the Journal of the Royal Institute in the Thai language, four issues per year. To befit the age of globalization, it is decided that there should be also the Journal of the Royal Institute in English, one issue per year

On behalf of the Royal Institute of Thailand, I wish the editors and the editorial board every success in their endeavour. I hope that the first English issue of the Journal of the Royal Institute of Thailand 2009 will mark the auspicious beginning of a fruitful exchange of knowledge and information through the medium of English, which is widely known across the entire world. 

Professor Dr. Panya Borisutdhi
President of the Royal Institute 

Editor’s Note

This is the inaugural issue of the Journal of the Royal Institute of Thailand in English. It contains academic contributions from the Fellows and Associate Fellows of the Royal Institute. Hopefully, this first issue will launch a forum for international academics to share their knowledge in subsequent issues. Original research papers and commentaries are welcome from everyone who is interested in the advancement and exchange of knowledge in all fields. As the editor and the editorial board are new to these positions, we are ready to consider creative suggestions and comments from all readers to improve the journal. 

In this issue, papers on arts and sciences are based on the theme “The Relevance of Arts and Sciences in the Modern World”. The journal offers a variety of topics of relevance and interest to readers in many fields. Contributors are responsible for the content of their respective paper which they proofread themselves before printing. 

Srisurang Poolthupya
Professor Emeritus and Fellow
of the Royal Institute


  • Professor Srisurang Poolthupya, FRI. 

Deputy Editor

  • Professor Dr. Somboon Suksamran, FRI. 

Language Editors

  • Khunying Finola Chatamra
  • Dr. Gordon Hamilton 

Editorial Board

  • Professor Dr. Likhit Dhiravegin, FRI.
  • Associate Professor Dr. Kris Chatamra, FRI.
  • Dr. Sobha Chupikulchai Spielmann, FRI.
  • Professor Dr. Pornsan Watanangura, AFRI.
  • Professor Dr. Prakong Nimmanahaeminda, AFRI.
  • Professor Dr. Sasithon Pukrittayakamee, AFRI.
  • Professor Dr. Sawasd Tantaratana, AFRI.
  • Professor Dr. Suthat Yoksan, AFRI.
  • Associate Professor Malithat Promathatavedi, AFRI.
  • Ms. Saengchant Sansupa, Director of Moral and Political Sciences Division
  • Ms. Naiyana Vara-Asvapati, Director of Science Division
  • Mr. Visarn Oucharearn, Director of Arts Division
  • Dr. Cholthicha Sudmuk, Literary Arts officer
  • Miss Rattikal Sriamphai, Literary Arts officer
  • Miss Itsariya Lauhateranonda, Literary Arts officer

Cover Design

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Manote Kongkanandana, AFRI.