The Buddha Images: Faith of Lanna, Intellectual Power of the Beliefs and Relationship with the Northern Communities

Pathom Hongsuwan
Assistant Professor, Department of Thai and Oriental Languages,
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mahasarakham University.


This research aims at studying the Lanna myths of the Buddhaûs images in Lanna local to analyze the meaning and main symbols and relationship with social structure of Lanna local, to analyze function of the Lanna myths of the Buddhaûs image as data of important intellectuals with the way of life, folk and cultural society.
In this research paper, by comparing the meaning of symbols of the myths, both main functions and situation, four myth paradigms; first, the symbol meaning of behavior; second, the symbol meaning of body movements; third, the symbol meaning of supernatural powers; and forth, the symbol meaning of the origin, a builder and nicknames. Moreover, in analyzing the values and power of the myths of the Buddha image also reflects the Lanna communities by comparing and contrasting the detail in the aspects concerning the ethnic identity, custom practice, relation of religious belief and gender relation; the myths also reflects the sacred narratives, such transformation symbolizes the development of the religious beliefs in the Lanna local societies.

Key words: Buddha images, intellectual power of the belief