Submission guide for authors Vol I 2009

The Journal of the Royal Institute of Thailand 

(JRIT) English Issue 

Submission Guide for Authors JRIT publishes original contributions of research papers, reviews, brief reports, com mentaries, and other categories of academic articles. 

Style and Policy Guide 

  • Cover Letter and Signatures
  • Format Requirements
  • Article Structure
  • References
  • Tables
  • Figures
  • Abbreviations
  • Deadline of Submission 

Cover Letter and Signatures

All manuscripts should be accompanied by a cover letter with the following infor mation: 

  • The title of the paper.
  • First and last names of all contributing authors.
  • Title and present position
  • A statement that the material is original and that the material has not and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere so long as it is under consideration by the JRIT. 
  • Signatures of all contributing authors. 

Format Requirements 

  • Papers submitted should follow the article structure.
  • The footnote should be in Time New Roman 10 point type, single space. The text should be in Times New Roman 12 point type, fully double-spaced, leaving a margin of 1 inch on all sides. Also double-space table and figure legends, tabular material and references. The paper should be between 8-10 pages.
  • Number all pages consecutively, starting with the title page.
  • The paper should be submitted to the Editorial Board in three copies and an electronic file as a text file (e.g. doc).
  • Figures should be numbered and stored in separate files with legends included in the main text file.

Article Structure 

Each article should contain the following:

  • Title
  • Short title for page headings
  • Authors and their affiliations
  • A concise abstract (not more than 300 words)
  • Key words Main text divided into sections e.g. Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion
  • References (of all articles cited in the text)
  • Table and Figure captions (numbered in sequence as they appear in the text)


The abstract should be concise and informative, not more than 300 words. It should not only indicate the general scope of the article but also state the main results and conclusions. 

Ethical Guidelines 

Experimental investigation papers must state in the Material and Methods section that
1) informed consent was obtained from all human adult participants and from parents or legal guardians of minors, including the name of the appropriate institutional review board having approved the project; 2) the maintenance and care of experimental ani mals complying with the Thai National Institutes of Health guidelines for the humane use of laboratory animals or equivalent country authority or agency; 3) the approval of the relevant ethical committee. 


References in the text are listed according to the Harvard style (not by number), i.e. by giving the names of authors, the year of publication and page numbers.

All references to the literature cited must be given in alphabetical order at the end of the article, and each reference should contain the following elements. 


All authors must be listed; never use “et al.” . Authors are indicated by their last names followed by a space and their initial(s). Authors’ names are separated by com mas only. The year of publication follows the final name, preceded by a comma. There is a space after the colon before the page numbers. The page numbers are written out completely: 472-476. Consult Index Medicus for the correct abbreviation of the journal cited.

Examples: Articles: 

Chotivanich, K.T., Udomsangpetch, R., Mcgready, R. and Newton P., White NJ, 2002. Central Role of the spleen in malaria parasite clearance. J Infect Dis, 185: 1538-1541. 


Olive EA, 1995. Lymphatic Filariasis Infection and Disease. London: Academic Press, 129-131.


Migasena, Panata, 1982. Liver flukes: Relationship to dietary habits and development program in Thailand. In: Adverse Effects of Foods. Patrice Jellife EF, Jelliffe DB, eds. Pleunum Publishing Company, 307-312. 


Tables should be numbered and referred to in the text by their numbers. Table captions should be brief, with descriptions of experimental detail given directly be neath, in parentheses. Column headings should, wherever possible, be in lower-case type, and the units of measurement and any numerical factors should be placed at the head of each column. Units should be contained within parentheses, e.g. distance (cm). 


JRIT (Journal of the Royal Institute) requires figures in electronic format. Images fall into one of these two categories:

  • Bitmap images (e.g. photographs, scans)
  • Line art: Composed of lines, fills and text (e.g. histograms, line drawings) 

Figure Permissions

Figures from other sources should be fully acknowledged in the caption and writ ten permission sought for both print and electronic reproduction before being used. 


Abbreviations should be given in full at the first mention. In the list of references, widely recognized abbreviations for journals should be used. If in doubt, give the full title of the journal. 

Address for Submission 

The Royal Institute, Sanam Suea Pa, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand. Tel: 02356 0466-70 ext. 3015, 4018, 5020:02356 0477, e-mail: