Mangroves… Coastal Treasure of Thailand

Sanit Aksornkoae


Mangroves are among the most significant, highly productive and valuable coastal ecosystems of the Kingdom of Thailand. They constitute a rich natural resource including many varieties of flora and fauna. Mangroves provide considerable benefits, many goods and many varieties of services which contribute towards national development. Mangroves are an important asset for Thailand as they provide both economic and ecological benefits. Unfortunately, mangroves forests have been rapidly diminishing in the last three decades due to threats from severe degradation occuring from widespread development. However, intensive management of mangrove forests with the integration of ecological and economic approaches has been very effective. Rehabilitation, protection and conservation efforts coupled with stakeholder participation, strong technical support and strict
law enforcement has been fully implemented. Under these measures, it is expected that mangroves, which are considered as “Thailand’s Coastal Treasure” can be preserved in the long term where the young generation and the nation as a whole can continue to reap its benefits.

Keywords: Mangroves, Coastal treasure