Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and the Conservation of the Wild Flower Fields in Northeastern Thailand

Thawatchai Santisuk


It is a great pride for Thailand and the Thai people, that Her Majesty Queen Sirikit takes a deep interest in the conservation of biological resources and the environment. While visiting the local populace and following up the royally initiated projects in rural areas across the northeast, Her Majesty has become fascinated by the unique, seasonal wetland habitat of multicolored wild flower fields or ‘seasonal blanket marsh vegetation’. This fragile habitat is represented by the ‘Lan Dusita’ and ‘Pha Taem’ wild flower fields in Sakon Nakhon and Ubon
Ratchathani Provinces respectively. At ‘Lan Dusita’ the beauty of the miniature flowering plants dominating the field has immensely pleased Her Majesty. And she has promptly granted the most common wild flowers the royal names: ‘Dusita’ (Utricularia delphinioides), ‘Soi Suwanna’ (U. bifi da), Thip Kesorn (U. minutissima), Sarassa Chandhorn (Burmannia coelestris), and Manee Dheva (Eriocaulon smitinandii). As regards the conservation status, the miniature plants mentioned can be classifi ed under the vulnerable category due to the habitat loss at an alarming rate by deforestation and urban development. Her Majesty has brought in earnest the splendour of the wild fl ower fi elds to the attention of the public and offi cial authorities. She has instructed the government agencies concerned to take immediate action on the proper conservation measures for a revival of the neglected wild fl ower fi elds in northeastern Thailand.

Keywords: Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Thailand, wild flower fields