From Literacy to Multiliteracies in English as a Foreign Language: The Use of Graphic Organizer

Namthip Anantsupamongkol and Savika Varaporn

Department of Foreign Languages, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

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Literacy education plays a vital role in preparing students for their future career. One of the current challenges that teachers face is concerned with the evolution of technology and the media created with it. New technologies have dramatically changed the way people communicate. This has a vast impact on the definition of literacy in terms of what it means to be literate. Consequently, there comes a demand for students to have different skills to operate successfully in the digital era as text-based instruction is no longer considered a uniform standard for an education. This paper, thus, discusses how the pedagogy of multiliteracies informs the teaching of English reading in this digital era.

Keywords: English reading, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) reading, graphic organizer, multiliteracies