Copyright Law in Thailand

Professor Chaiyos Hemarajata

Fellow of The Royal Institute, (Private Law.
Academy of Moral and Political Scienees.


Since the Copyright Act B.E. 2521, replacing the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works Act B.E. 2474, became the out-of-date legislation and was unable to solve any problems arising from the copyright protection, for instance, the distinction of computer programme work and the exclusive right in relation to letting of audio visual work, the new copyright law, which is the Copyright Act B.E. 2537, has been enacted in order to make it more justifiable as a copyright law for the perfect protection of copyright. This new copyright law will be useful to enhance the creativity of Thai people in the future. 

The substantial amendment of some provisions in the Copyright Act B.E. 2537 is to stipulate the protection of computer programme under the meaning of literary work and the use of copyright work deriving from special circumstances, to clarify the na tures and principles of the protection for each copyright work, and to modify both economic and moral rights of the owner and the author, legal measures and penalties in regard to the infringement of copyright as well as principles of international copyright. 

Key words: Copyright, Copyright work, Protection of copyright, Exception from copyright